The day before, a monument to the Holocaust victims was erected under the “To Return Dignity” program in Podgornaya. In September 1942, 54 people, including evacuated Jews and local residents, were killed there. Before the monument opening, an event for the local school students and the village residents was held. The head of the RJC memorial projects Ekaterina Lazareva, the regional representative of the Holocaust center Mikhail Akopyan and the head of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Georgievsky city district administration Svetlana Umerenko told the audience about the Holocaust tragedy.

In January, a school in Podgornaya will join the “Memory Week” events. The school will hold an open lesson dedicated to the Auschwitz concentration camp liberation by the Red Army.

The monument in Podgornaya is the third out of five memorials opened in Russia this week under the “To Return Dignity” program. The first two were opened on Monday and Tuesday in Stavropol Territory: Divnoye and Grigoropolisskaya villages. Today, we will open a monument in Velizh (Smolensk Region), and on Friday — in Soldato-Alexandrovskoe (Stavropol Territory).