A monument to the Holocaust victims was unveiled in Grigoropolisskaya under the “To Return Dignity” program. On October 13, 1942, the Nazis killed 150 people there: the elderly, women, and children. Most of the murdered were Jews (the majority — refugees from Leningrad). It was the reason why the local residents call their death site the “Jewish Yar”. The partisans and communists were also among those shot.

The ceremony was attended by the representatives of the Russian Jewish Congress and the “Geula” Jewish community (Pyatigorsk), head of the Grigoropolis territorial subdivision of the district administration Andrey Serdtsov, head of the Jewish community of Stavropol Efim Finer, pastor of the “Word of Life” Evangelical Church (Nevinnomyssk) Roman Serzhtsov, and the village residents.

Due to a technical problem with transport driving a part of the group to the opening site, the ceremony was postponed for several hours and began in the afternoon, when it was getting dark, but it did not change the project participants’ plans.

In winter, an open lesson dedicated to the Holocaust and events which took place in these places during the Nazi occupation will be conducted for the school children as part of the “Memory Week”.

This is the second memorial to the Holocaust victims out of five monuments that will be opened in Russia this week under the “To Return Dignity” program. The first one was opened a day earlier, in Divnoye (Stavropol Territory), where the Nazis shot 660 people. Today, the Holocaust memorial will be unveiled in Podgornaya (Stavropol Territory), tomorrow — in Velizh (Smolensk Region), on Friday — in Soldato-Aleksandrovskoye (Stavropol Territory). This year, in total, it is planned to open 15 obelisks at the sites of the mass shootings of Jews in different regions of Russia.