Restoration works will be carried out at the Holocaust victims’ mass burial site in Moskovskoe, Stavropol Territory. The administration of the Izobilnensky district asked the Russian Jewish Congress to take on this task.

On August 29, 1942, the Nazis murdered 118 people (26 of them were children under 16) in Moskovskoe. Most of the killed people were Jewish. We have discovered the names of 107 executed. The administration of Moskovskoe formed a working group to perpetuate the memory of Nazism victims, which found an exact place of the burial.

In 2009, a memorial sign was installed at 400 meters from that place, but it currently requires repair.

The Russian Jewish Congress plans to mark the boundaries of the burial site, dignify the grave, and install gravestones with the names of the dead. The monument installed in 2009 will also be repaired.