Despite the pandemic, the RJC’s “To Return Dignity” program is being implemented.

In March, we received approval from the administration of Turilovsky rural settlement for installation of a memorial sign in Lipovaya Balka near Panteleevka (Rostov Region) and a monument in Vendeleevka.

On August 11, 1942, the Nazis shot 9 people there, mostly old people and children. All of them were killed just because they were Jewish.

Sima Poley, 40 years old;
Naum S. Poley, 18;
Fenya S. Poley, 11;
Mulya S. Poley, 15;
Anna I. Malaya, 42;
Iosif A. Malyj, 14;
Maika A. Malaya, 12;
Samuel Galberg, 69;
Anna S. Galberg, 56

All these people were evacuated from the Gomel Region. They were gathered ostensibly for a meeting and then taken away to be shot in Lipovaya Balka.

Blessed be their memory!